Goodies, the Scouts, and new Scout Badges

Via Boing Boing - Worth1000 is having a competition to design new, modern Scout badges. Worth1000 is a site for Photoshop enthusiasts to alter/morph/fabricate real-looking stuff. The brief for this competiton is:

In the past, we have had contests of Merit Badges for offbeat accomplishments here at Worth1000. But what about real life? Like a merit badge for the driving/cellphone/mascara trifecta. Or the Bad Hair Day Badge. The sky is the limit...
My favorite badge so far is the "Bad Boss Badge":

Other notables are the PacMan completion badge, the using chopsticks badge ("Catching fly with chopsticks is an entirely different badge"), and the quoting Monty Python badge.

Synchronicity was at work in the Scouts connection: earlier this week I'd cackled and giggled at the classic 1970's UK TV series The Goodies (BBC, Wikipedia, Fan Site), particularly the episode where Bill and Graeme succeed in having the Scouts declared an illegal organisation. Meanwhile, Bill and Graeme are secretly working towards their "World Domination" badge. Classic.

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