Who's Searching For What at Yahoo!

I was spending some time bumming around the Yahoo! main page today, and saw they've got a page called "Buzz" which lists the top searches on Yahoo!

Very cool. I don't know exactly how they calculate it, but here's the "top movers" for the day, as it stood during my lunchtime:

RankSubject1-Day Move
1Anna Nicole Smith1938%
2Doctors Without Borders1030%
3Catherine Keener648%
4Michelle Monaghan576%
5Good Morning America487%
6Cynthia Watros480%
7Vanessa Bryant426%
8Lou Dobbs414%
9Susan Miller367%
10I Bonds349%

Hmmm...I don't know who half these people are, but then again, maybe neither does anyone else, and that's why people are searching :-)

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