Get Rich Slowly

I can't remember how (or through whom) I found the "Get Rich Slowly" blog. Here's part of the blurb:

You will not find any get rich quickly schemes here. You will not find multi-level marketing fads or hot stock tips here. I am not pitching any product or book. (Yet.)

You will find daily information about personal finance and related topics. I’ll share stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing. I will post occasional reviews of books, magazines, and software. I will scour the web for the latest personal finance tools and articles. I’ll also post news on related topics like simplicity, frugality, and personal development. (I believe that personal growth is systemic, that in order to improve financially, you have to improve in other areas of your life.)

It's an interesting blog because there's practical posts and links on spending less, with entries in the past week like - How to Slash Summer Energy Costs, How Budgeting Can Improve Your Life and Essential Gear for a Bike Commute.

Well worth a read. And it seems a lot more level-headed than "self-help" stuff I've read in the past that's almost prosperity-cultish. But that's a post for another day.

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