Leigh and Anna Come To Visit

We got to catch up with Leigh and his wife Anna last night while they were in town. Leigh was one of my best friends in high school and went on to be the best man at my wedding. He and Anna lived in Japan for 3 years, but are now living near the Gold Coast (and expecting their first child). They stopped by while on a "business holiday" down in "Shivertown" (Melbourne), as Leigh calls it.

It was great to revisit old times, share a bottle of fine wine, listen to tales tall and true of surfing, share photos, and finally, have my butt kicked playing Streetfighter II!

The kids enjoyed interacting with Leigh and Anna too, especially when Leigh brought out his cool Nikon D70 camera, sat down in the toy room with them, and started snapping away. He had a great manner with the kids - in preparation for being a father himself, surely - and perhaps because of his stint as a photographer at Australia Zoo. I like these two pictures he took because Maya has a typical cheeky look on her face, and looks more beautiful than any model; and TJ has one of those down-to-earth grins (he looks like a fair dinkum Aussie) and is playing with his beloved blocks. Thanks Leigh!

Tonight we celebrate TJ getting to the next level in swimming. Well done son! His swimming has really improved over the past couple of weeks, spurred on by watching the Commonwealth Games (I reckon). McDonalds, here we come!

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