Compendium of Posts from Williams World 1: October 2003 - September 2004 (The First Year)

I've noticed with blogs I visit in my web browser, that I rarely stray past the front page. Blogging seems to be more about the immediate present, "what's now". Past posts are "past", "old".

This is in contrast to personal websites that may have a whole stack of articles or editorials where the content and timing are both important.

So it was interesting when I went through some of my old posts, trying to group them, to see what was current and interesting for me back then. Here's what I found, in rough order of oldest posts first - I haven't indexed all my posts, just the ones that fit into broad themes.

Posts with an asterisk ("*") are Olivia's posts.

I introduced myself on Friday, October 31, 2003. Back then my blog was called Christian Computing.

Posts about IT (before I started my IT-related blog on dotnetjunkies):
Other Christians In Computing, Part 1, The relationship between programming and music, IT-related Writing, or Lack Thereof, IT User Groups Open Day, The History Of Clippy, Less "Computing" and More...

Posts about blogging:
What A Blog Is, Blogroll, Comments and RSS, What is Blogging Revisited, Number of links to "Christian Computing", Blogs I Visit, and RSS, I "discover" Rodney Olsen, Three New Blogs, Female Bloggers and How To Link, Weblog Redesign, My Development Environment, Why do people blog, Survey of Christian bloggers (1, 2), Seeking Serenity (Michelle), Write from the heart not the head, GetReligion, No Blogging For One Week, Back Online, Less "Computing" and More..., Olivia's first guest post*, Olivia's A Blogger Now, New Look Blog (where I lose all the past comments...very sad)

Sunburn, Social Ineptitude, Where am I on the Political Compass, Fat, Fat, Fat, Languages, What Makes Me Do What I Do, Cyber-me, Shower and Shave, Diets, Sport, Competitiveness, and the 30-ish-year-old

My Faith:
My church - Real Life Community, My Personal Rebellions, Accountability Questions, Ultra Short summary of the Bible, What Would Jesus Say, Church Failings, Art Exhibition at Real Life, Worship Music Wars, Ghandi's Seven Deadly Social Sins, Church Online

My Job:
My Blog Title, A Take On My Job (Computing), Other Christians In Computing, Part 1, A Take On My Job (Computing), Part II, Requirements for an IT Job, My Job Description

My Family:
My brothers, my wife, my son TJ, No New Baby...Yet, Mum and Dad, Happy 4th Anniversary, Maya is born, Maya Update (1 month old), Parenthood, Website for my Bro (Simon), the Arguing Pro, Maya at 2 months, Simon starts a blog, Nathan turns 25, Olivia's an INFJ, Family Reunion 2004, Maya Smiles, TJ and Maya in her rocker, TJ sitting on arm of chair, Maya at 16 weeks, Our family (March 2004), Grandpa and Grandma Self Portrait, Adventures of TJ, So what can you expect from a nearly 3-year-old? (TJ), Olivia's first guest post*, Hannah Nicola, Olivia on Music*, TJ Is Three!, The Cat, TJ smiling for the camera, Maya - The Eighth Wonder of the World*

My Friends:
Leigh, Long Lost Friends, and Names, Tejas Patel, Things I Wish I'd Said to Past Friends

Movies, Books, Entertainment:
The Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, I see "Return of the King", CDs I'm listening to (February 2004), Chess, Videos We Own (February 2004), Paul Colman Concert, "The Passion" (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - I finally see the movie), Moby, Purpose-Driven Life, Wild at Heart, Man in the Mirror (1, 2), Barbershop, Iron John, Cool footpath art, Beaten in chess by my wife, The Apprentice Starts To Interest, Finding Nemo, I, Robot, Olivia on Chess*

Humour:, New words for the English language?, TOM programming language, Terrorism Preparedness, Favorite Sayings, I was walking across a bridge one day..., No-Name Disaster Movies,, Translation to lesser-known dialects, Mucking Around With Google, Finance Lessons for 10-year-olds, I love my husband, but gee, some of these were funny!!!*

Lego, Christmas 2003, Christmas Reading, Secret Santa at LivingRoom, New Year's Resolutions for 2004, Valentine 2004 ("Valen-time"), Easter 2004 (1, 2, 3), Ocean Grove Holiday (March 2004) (1, 2), Happy Mother's Day 2004, Weblogger Meetup, Guitaring Resource, New Amp, A Trip To The City, Google Searches That Ended Up At My Blog, Magpies vs Cats, Collingwood Loses and my Dad is Happy, Family at Queen Victoria Market, Life in the Fast Lane*, Looking at Primary Schools, Scruncher or Folder???*, Scrunching or folding...(cont)*, Half-Ton Man

Friday 5:
1, 2, 3, 4, Friday Five Finished

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