When I was a Boy...

I grew up in a household with 3 younger brothers, and so I think in our TV watching and game playing we missed out on a lot of the more feminine side of life.

Surprisingly, I'm not too put out by this. I think we had 1 or 2 Lego females (affectionately referred to as "wives" for the Lego men - see my previous post for more on our adventures with Lego). Where us boys got to watch exciting, "boys own" stuff like Doctor Who, The A-Team, and WWF Championship Wrestling, we didn't have to endure Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables 2, or Little House on the Prairie.

Two things that I clearly remember growing up that had a big impact were the short-lived TV series "Automan" (Wikipedia link) and the Commodore 64 game "Impossible Mission" (link).

Automan was a TV series centered around a computer-generated crime solver who had a flashy black and neon-blue Lamborghini. I can't believe there were only 12 episodes ever made (and I can't believe that, according to the show write-ups here, they were so crappy), but it's true. I still had a lot of fun watching the shows back then.

Impossible Mission (no relation to "Mission: Impossible") was a computer game where you had to search an evil genius's fortress to find pieces to a code, in a set time limit. You didn't have a gun and could only run away from or jump over his zapping robots. I don't know how many joysticks me and my brothers went through getting the precision control needed to run and jump chasms and time it just right to end up on a lift at the end of a level :-)

The game had a famous opening line - "Another visitor...stay a while, stay forever!"

So I followed the links above while doing some nostalgi-surfing the other day, and after eagerly looking at pictures, reviews, notes, and stories, I think I learnt a lesson. Lesson learned: the stuff I thought was cool when I was a kid was pretty cool, but chances are high it is not that cool now.

Still, it was good fun revisiting the old stuff.

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