Speeding...It's Against The Law

Last weekend we drove up to sunny Raymond Terrace, near Newcastle, New South Wales (hopefully I'll have some pics soon), and one thing Olivia raised was that we should try not to speed. That sounds pretty straightforward but when the trip is 13 or so hours, lots of it 110 KM/H legally, it's not as easy as it seems. And even though I think I was moderately successful, we haven't been back long enough to know whether we got booked or not :-)

The whole process of trying to obey Olivia's sensible guideline, then wondering why I had to, and eventually deciding that I had no choice on speeding - it's against the law, got me thinking about if there was no punishment (i.e. a speeding fine), I would probably drive faster than the speed limit. Why? I don't know!

In my experience, anytime in the past that I've been caught breaking the law, I have been upset *that I have been caught*. That's right, not upset because I disobeyed, but upset that I got caught!

Still working out how to teach the kids about obedience (still working out how to learn it for myself!)

On a side note, the trip itself was great, we stayed on highways nearly the whole way. And of course the destination was the highlight - it was great to see my bro Nathan, Nic and the kids and help celebrate Isaiah's birthday.

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