Living at Home, Adult Teenagers, and Finally Growing Up

Michelle posts about a new trend where " people in their 30s move back in with their parents..."

I have to say that this thought has never crossed my mind, even given we're trying to save for a house. Historically, I was out of home at a pretty early age. I know the timing of eventually going it on your own was the subject of much discussion in my parent's house, probably as it was in any house with teenagers. I'm not ashamed to say one of them still lives with Mum and Dad - Mum and Dad have always been very generous and welcoming with their home.

It's not that my parents are nasty or unfriendly or anything else - indeed, they're almost the perfect parents :-) I reckon I value my own space a lot, and I see our little family - Olivia, TJ, Maya and lump - as being the people I want to hang with and get under the skin of. Renting, while expensive in some ways, is worth it for me.

But how will I be with the kids, when they grow up? Is it better to teach and model independence, to make a go of it by yourself, or "inter-dependence" where they're able to use the facilities while they're finding their feet? I love Michelle's quip:

It's mighty comfy living in your parent's house. Need a can opener? They've got one. Need a hammer? Got that too. Don't feel like cooking? Someone else will. Struggling with finances? Sponge off the parents for a month or two until you come right.

So why the dumb post title? I guess it's an amalgamation of all the conversations I've had about moving out on your own (which doesn't necessarily equate with growing up).

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