I Want It

Something's (really) worrying me. I am becoming a consumer. I feel like I've got to dump some thoughts I've been having.

I have noticed a strange trait growing where I want to own things, even if I don't really need them. The most vivid example is movies on DVD; I'll often salivate over the Blockbuster bargain bins or online at EzyDVD...but I own enough movies, and if I want to watch one, surely I can just go and hire it?

Or is it better to have? There's some movies that I do have (bought at a very good price, mind you) that I haven't even watched yet. Is that a good thing?

And the intense pleasure I feel at researching, looking and then buying something dissipates so quickly. Probably even quicker when it's an "impulse buy". It seems that then I've got to keep justifying my purchase to myself, without the option of admitting a wrong decision and taking the item back: "I didn't really want it" (have you ever tried to take a car back?)

And the focus on "newer is better" is impossible to escape, especially in my line of work (I.T.). Whether it's cars or computer I *know* that newer is not necessarily better...but it just feels better.


Here's two great quote that I noticed today over at signposts which prompted this post:

“Once all roads led to Rome. Now all shopping malls lead to emotional numbness.”

Karl Marx once said that religion was the opium of the masses...SHOPPING is the opiate of the masses.

Why are there so many shopping centres? Are we richer now? Are we spending more? Why does my heart feel so bad on this matter?

2 Responses to "I Want It"

Simon said... Monday, March 13, 2006 11:13:00 PM

Thomas, this is your big brother, and I want to strongly encourage you to desist from this heretical thinking. Everyone knows that the answer to all our needs lies in the bargain bin of the BlockBuster store, or you must be able to buy it at Chadstone (it's the biggest in somewhere!). Maybe you just need to buy something new and forget that you even thought about emptiness at all...

Thomas said... Tuesday, March 14, 2006 1:28:00 PM

Thanks Sime - buying something did take my mind off the troublesome thoughts I was having...whatever they were...

Retail therapy!

Cheers, your big bro, Thomas

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