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Testify (Payable On Death)Lately I've been listening to the new P.O.D. album Testify (Amazon, Atlantic Records). They've regained some of the heavy rap/rock cool sound they had with Satellite and fused it with the more melodic chorus's from Payable On Death. I'm going to sound a little zapped out saying this, but: It rocks!

I also recently bought, as part of my "back catalogue", the Foo Fighters' The Color and the Shape, which has two of my favorite songs ever, Hero and Everlong. I'd forgotten how up-front the drums sound in this CD - I guess I've been conditioned to gentle tunes by listening to Elliott Smith's B-sides.

I thought I'd use this post as a dumping ground for some of the movies we've watched recently too, ranging from hot to cold (these are my own personal opinions; Olivia had vastly different ideas about some of these movies):

Scalding: Downfall - a German movie about Hitler's last days, based on a book by one of his secretaries. Sad and chilling. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time.
Hot: King Kong - I really enjoyed this movie. It plays a little like a classic Hollywood film with a damsel in distress, a beast, the hero, and the scoundrel, along with a soaring score and even soft-filter close-ups. The effects are so good they blend seamlessly with the film and don't dominate (in fact, we don't get to see Kong until about an hour in).

As a side note: going to the cinemas to see this was interesting, as some people had bought in very little kids and there were some 11 (or so) year-olds in the row in front of us that talked almost non-stop through the first 20 minutes at least (so were the parents, sitting a little down in the same aisle). I actually did something out of character and asked them to be a little quieter!
Medium: The Island - an interesting story (with some visually stunning sequences, and the sets are fantastic in this movie) with Ewan McGregor putting on his best Ritchie Cunningham accent...but we eventually find out the reason why. I'm glad I didn't really know what this movie was about before I saw it, to help add to the suspense and unfolding nature of the story.
Mild: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - I didn't quite "get" this movie but enjoyed it anyway (probably not quite as laugh-out-loud funny as similar films like Rushmore). Bill Murray was very funny, a return to form for me after not liking Lost in Translation.
Cold: Herbie - Olivia liked it though.
Frozen: Mindhunters - one of those dumb thriller movies where people go off by themselves and end up dying, and everything the killer plans works, even though it's mostly illogical. I'd take a smart thriller like The Usual Suspects any day.

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We're Pregnant!

Olivia's bellly at 12 weeks pregnantGreat news - Olivia is pregnant! She's currently at 13 weeks with our 3rd, after TJ and Maya, and expecting early September.

The photo at left is Olivia's profile at 12 weeks (set to the backdrop of the garden walk at Main Ridge Estate, Red Hill).

Olivia unfortunately has been getting headaches and even migraines, and feeling nauseas and uninterested in food. She kept a diary for her pregnancy with Maya and it recorded similar "symptoms" during that same time (although she's the first to say "I'm not sick...I'm pregnant").

So far she's had the following stats:

  • Cravings: 0
  • Food Craved: none
  • Level of pressure applied to husband to fulfil cravings: none
  • Fetus size: about the size of a peach
  • Favorite ways to relieve tiredness: watching Desparate Housewives, Prison Break and McLeod's Daughters on TV
  • Other comments: leave me alone

I'm loving the fact that we're expecting another bundle of joy, and this has been an OK pregnancy for me so far (for those who are interested).

TJ of course is very practical about where the baby will sleep and sit in the car, and he wants a baby brother; Maya is just excited that Mummy's got a baby in her tummy. I reckon both of them are going to be great older siblings!

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4 Meme

Rodney tagged me, and in the spirit of eventually responding (nearly a *month* later), here's 4 things about me!

4 Jobs You Have Had In Your Life:
Shop Assistant at Bunnings (back when it was still McEwans here in Victoria)
Mail Room Boy
Computer Help Desk Person
Computer Geek

4 Movies You Could Watch Over And Over:
Groundhog Day
Lord of the Rings - Return Of The King
Empire Strikes Back
Enter The Dragon

4 Places You Have Lived:
Oakleigh, Victoria
Endeavour Hills, Victoria
Hampton Park, Victoria
Cranbourne, Victoria

4 TV Shows You Love To Watch:
The Office
The Simpsons (not that I watch this anymore)
There's no fourth one. Maybe back in the day it would have been Sienfeld. I don't really know!

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation:
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Honalulu, Hawaii
Seaspray, Victoria
Apollo Bay, Victoria

4 Websites You Visit Daily (or often):

4 Of Your Favorite Foods:
Burritos (or generally anything Mexican)
Pork Bulgogi (Korean)
Cadbury's chocolate
Roast Lamb

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
Right here right now!
Queensland (doesn't everyone in Victoria say that?)

4 People To Tag
This is far too difficult for me. How do I know that 4 people read this blog?

Yes, there were 5 foods. Just goes to show where my priorities lie!

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Stone Skipping

I love skipping stones at the beach...Olivia and I have had competitions in the past, but I think the most I've ever got is a measly 7 (confirmed) skips. Not like Kurt Steiner who holds a world record with 40 skips.

So the MAKE Blog caught my eye with a link to a physics look at "The mystery of the skipping stone" - I don't think I'm going to become a better stone skipper/skimmer, but it is interesting to read how stone rotation, speed and angle contribute to skipping...

...but perhaps only if you're a geek!

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I'm Not Dead...

...just been on holidays. Sorry for not posting sooner or more often. Please stay tuned to return to the regular broadcast :-)


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