Random Chuck Norris Facts

This was too funny not to re-post - Random Chuck Norris Facts from Brian, including:

* Forget Wikipedia, if Chuck Norris wants you know something, he will tell you.
* Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer. But he has never cried. Ever.
* Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.

Hee hee...

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Highlights of 2005

I've been thinking and talking with others for a couple of weeks now about my personal "highlights of 2005" - the best moments, quotes, pictures or whatever from the year just gone for our little Williams family. And here's what I came up with from my (sometimes shaky) memory:

Maya's Quotable Quote: Maya was only 20 months old and starting to mimic what we said in her cute, high squeaky voice when, while driving down the Great Ocean Road, she came out with "Stinky Daddy!" (and she actually meant it...ouch!)

The family at McKenzie's Falls at the Grampians, VictoriaThe First Big Event: Camping in our new tent at Halls Gap (January) was one of the best fun things of 2005. Hot weather, natural beauty and relaxing time off.

TJ and I in front of the helicopter that took us over the Twelve ApostlesWe take to the Air: Our Apollo Bay holiday (September) was probably the number one event for the year for me. It wasn't a big expensive deal, and the weather wasn't fantastic, but the whole thing was great. The helicopter ride at The Twelve Apostles was the best of the best - the excitement written on all our faces at the end of it was priceless.

TJ's Quotable Quote: TJ says lots of funny things. He was convinced that fish poo from their cheeks (an interesting dinner-table conversation) at one stage, but I laughed most when he assured me that "The weather man didn't say it would be hay bailing [meaning hailing] tonight".

Olivia's Quotable Quote: Muddling her words one night, Olivia came out with the never-heard-before phrase "Moonar Lodule". She laughed so hard she cried!

TJ in his pirate suitTJ Turns 4: TJ's pirate party was another big fun event. Being 4 - that is, bigger than 3 - had many advantages for the little man, and one of the most significant was that he (and I) got to play with Lego.

Olivia Skydives!We take to the Air (Again): For her birthday, Olivia got the gift of a tandem skydive. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think I'm still living off the goodwill from giving her that gift.

I Start Shaping Up: In July, just before turning 32, I joined up with a gym and also started going to Weight Watchers. The situation in my mind was bad; I was nearly topping out our scales at 120kg (265 pounds). I haven't looked back, and although I've lost only 9 kilos to date, I feel much better and feel like I'm in control again.

My Quotable Quote: I know I shouldn't laugh at my own jokes, but I did think I was pretty funny one night when Olivia had phoned the police to report some yahoos in the park next door, and I quipped, "When are they sending the sniper?"

Maya is BeautifulMaya is beautiful: My daughter became more beautiful over the year. Judge for yourself!

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Could I Get Away With This?

Olivia is a super-caterer and great cook. Do you think I could get away with an advertising campaign based on the "W" logo at left, if she ever went into business?

And even better, what sort of slogan could I attach to this?

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"Narnia" Review

As I posted about in early December, I was busting to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when it hit Australian cinemas. Last night Olivia and I had the chance to see it, and although I enjoyed it a lot, the movie did not quite meet my high expectations.

In the final analysis, I'd give The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 7.5 out of 12. The human actors are quite good (I imagined the Witch would be older), and Olivia and I really liked Lucy's performance (Edmund also was suitably narky, just like in the book). The visual effects are stunning, but maybe the PG rating meant that the whole package didn't have the impact of movies like my favourite Lord of the Rings trilogy. Maybe I'm getting older and jaded, too - I detected a hint of Disney "sugar-coating" in the film's packaging, right down to the ads for the McDonald's meal and computer game before the film (I hate the feeling that I'm being marketed to).

I guess my whole feeling after the movie was that I was expecting to be swept off my feet by the movie...and wasn't. I have read (or been read) the stories probably 10 or 15 times since I was first able to listen, and I guess I've built up in my head what I think Narnia would look like. It was still an enjoyable movie, and I would recommend seeing it especially for fans of the stories.


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