Being Australian

Rodney quips that he is "un-Australian" by not really caring about the Melbourne Cup. It was that phrase that made me notice his post - I have always found it hard to imagine what being an "Australian" means.

An analogy is a giant wall map of Australia, made up of tiny thumbnail images illustrating the lives of the people that make up Oz, snapshots of what we can define as being "Australian" (my definition is trying to deal with what is as opposed to what we would like it to be).

The problem with the wall picture analogy is that I feel like I'm standing with my nose right up against the wall, looking at the little picture that I'm in, and I can't get a wider scope. What does it mean to be Australian? How can I find out?

p.s. I don't care about the Melbourne Cup either. I enjoy the day off (although yesterday we did watch the race itself).

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