I once read somewhere that if you're over 30 and haven't tried sushi, you probably never will. I consider myself fortunate enough to be introduced to the joys of very fresh raw fish, served Japanese style, by my friend Leigh, on our trip to Japan a few years ago.

While sushi is fish served with rice, sashimi (my favorite) is just the fish, thinly sliced, served with a garnish. The types of meat served may include octopus, squid, tuna, salmon, and salmon roe (I'm not so good at identifying the meats yet).

Sashimi is eaten with chopsticks and served with soy sauce and wasabi, a spicy green horseradish paste that is hot at first but does not leave a lingering hot sensation like a chilli would. The way I was shown to eat sashimi was to mix a bit of wasabi with the soy sauce in a platter, and dip the pieces of fish into the mix with the chopsticks. Mmmm. Sashimi is also commonly served with very thin slices of ginger.

So what do I like about sashimi? I love the texture and taste of the fish (which is usually not a very fishy kind of taste), I love the flavour that the wasabi adds, and I don't ever feel bloated from eating this very healthy food. I even eat all the garnishes too, so I'm glad to read that it's considered polite to eat everything "down to the very last grain of rice" in Japanese culture!

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