A Grand Sunday Afternoon

We decided to go for a drive on Sunday afternoon to get out of the house. Though down here in Melbourne's south-east the weather was supposed to turn sour, the sun was out, and Olivia had two great suggestions (keeping them secret from the kids of course...it's more fun that way!)

So we headed down the road to our first stop, Tooradin Airfield, to play on the playground and then watch the planes. TJ was ecstatic, and Maya too was excited. And it didn't rain.

We got to see the a red biplane called "The Red Baron" take off and do spirals high up in the air, a big helicopter land and take off, and a very small plane (I reckon the aerial equivalent of a motor bike) and a couple of planes land and take off repeatedly, perhaps for pilots in training. The Tooradin Airfield website is here, we forgot our camera and so couldn't take any photos :-(

After this was Olivia's second brilliant idea: down the road to Caldermeade Farm for a coffee. I was ecstatic, Olivia was excited, and the kids didn't have a say, that is until we had jam and scones and got to see the animals. The setup at the farm is really good - there's a restauraunt/cafe with hand-made dairy and farm stuff that was quite busy, an observation deck to check out a huge rotary milking machine that milks 50 cows at a time (the farm had 400 Fresian cows in total), and a couple of other animals in the nursery. Too bad the kids were either too tired or not interested enough to pat the baby animals. Maybe next time!

It was great to get out of the house. And even better that we didn't get rained on. All up, a Grand Sunday Afternoon.

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