20 Random Things About Me

Michelle at seeking serenity has listed 20 random things about her, then asked 12 other people to do the same. So here's 20 random things about me:

  1. My middle name is Samuel
  2. I wanted to be a pilot and an astronaut when I was younger
  3. I've shrunk since I was 20 years old (I reckon it's because I have collapsed arches on my feet)
  4. I am not much of a computer hacker
  5. I wear my Grandpa's dressing gown (looking a little raggedy, but very comfortable)
  6. I have a little bit of 'something' that moves around under the skin of my kneecap (bone? cartlidge?)
  7. I don't like wearing a watch
  8. I am the 4th Thomas Samuel Williams in a line from my great-grandpa
  9. My ankles click-clack often when I walk, and my knees click when I bend them (I am not a good sneaker when playing hide-and-seek in the dark)
  10. Before my beautiful wife Olivia, my longest relationship was 6 months (when I was in High School)
  11. My shin has a small hole in it, and when I crouch down a feel the meat/muscle bulge through the hole under the skin
  12. I'm a little frightened by spiders and creepy crawly bugs
  13. I have a little bumpy bone sticking out of my chest
  14. I don't like eating cantaloupe
  15. I have a scar from a burn on my right upper arm
  16. I have one filling
  17. My wedding ring is the only "jewellry" (is there a more masculine word?) I wear
  18. I possess a good memory, but a terrible inability to recall people's names or jokes
  19. The best joke I know goes like: "Knock Knock! Who's there? Interrupting cow! Interrupting c...Moooooo!"
  20. I don't enjoy cricket - watching, playing, anything about it
Not as easy as it looks. I stayed away from gross things too ;-)

I'll tag one person - my bro Simey - to do the same thing. Go Simon!

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