TJ's party, and Father's Day

Last weekend was really busy and exciting and fun for us, as TJ had his 4th birthday party, and Sunday was of course Father's Day.

TJ's party was fantastic - lots of games, food, cake, other food (Olivia did a great job catering), presents, and lots of playing. We had a pirate party and TJ got into it most of all with his pirate costume, eye-patch, cutlass and Lego pirate ship present that arrived on top of his cake. We also had a big skull-and-crossbones flag and treasure chest, and we played "Pass the Treasure" and had a treasure-hunt in the backyard. Olivia, Maya and I joined in and had pirate tattoos as well (I'll post some photos of the young man when I can - it seems like his eyepatch hasn't left his head for more than 5 minutes since Saturday).

I was really proud of TJ as he enjoyed himself and handled himself really well on the day by using his best manners, plus he was involved in making decisions beforehand e.g. who to invite (he's really starting to grasp the concept of a "friend"). Maya was also great and was her usual social butterfly self...I hardly saw her for two hours as she played with everyone!

Today (September 7th) is TJ's birthday...Happy Birthday my big 4 year old!

UPDATE: added the photo of TJ showing off his tattoo!

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