Grand Final 2005


Last weekend was the AFL Grand Final between the Sydney Swans and Perth's West Coast Eagles. I can safely admit that I have not followed football at all this year - but it's still great to watch the big game with plenty of food and company. This year we got together with our friends Jarrod and Kellie who put on a good spread and had the big TV going.

The game itself was epic in proportions - there was heroes and villains, blood, controversy, a few bad calls, some luck, a lot of skill and a thrilling (yet low scoring) finish that saw Sydney just make it across the line first. My Perth blog buddy Rodney points out that the Eagles were not disgraced, and I agree...both teams played really well. I personally was going for Sydney for my friend Anthony, and in the absence of Collingwood I guess a partially ex-Melbourne club was preferable!

It was surprising in the press how much the Melbourne history of the former South Melbourne Swans was promoted, even though they moved decades ago. I reckon more than a few people from Victoria were clinging to that history and going for Sydney too.

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