Wallets are not Purses

I have a wallet. At the moment it is bulging (not with cash). So what do I have in my wallet right now?

  • baby pictures of Maya and TJ (which need updating)
  • credit card(s)
  • my driver's license
  • movie ticket stubs - I Robot, Alien vs Predator, Passion of the Christ, Incredibles and The Interpreter
  • ScienceWorks ticket stub
  • scrap pieces of paper (what the...?)
  • petrol station reciepts (10 or 15 of 'em)
  • my business cards (10 of these - taking up too much space!)
  • video shop membership cards and assorted expired vouchers (4 different video shop cards)
  • reciepts for Olivia's gifts over the years (I haven't wanted her to see the reciepts, that's why they're still in my wallet)
  • $4.15 in coins, and 1 $5 note
  • Medicare card
  • assorted membership cards hitching a ride in my wallet (some of them are expired)

So that is why it took me 5 minutes of looking through my wallet last night in embarrasment (while TJ laughed at me, and the lady behind the counter laughed at him), to find my library card!

One other thing that's in there, thanks to Olivia: an organ donor card. Thanks Wifey for helping me do the right thing.

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