How Long Is Your Daily Commute?

Greg, a tech blogger from the US, mentions his 140+ mile daily commute (also worth checking out is his recent post on his VIP tour of Universal Studios).

I can get to work in 8 minutes if I start early. 15 minutes is the norm. I can't imagine driving over 200 kilometres each day!

How long does it take others to get to work?

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Rodney Olsen said... Tuesday, August 30, 2005 4:38:00 PM

I'd get fit pretty quickly if I had to cycle that far to work every day.

It currently takes me just over 15 minutes either way on my bike.

Greg said... Wednesday, August 31, 2005 3:19:00 AM


There are people who I work with who also live 5-10 minutes from work... I hate them too. (JK) LOL

Well "one day" I hope to work close to home... But living in Southern California I doubt it's a realizable dream.

Still one can always hope (and search the web for jobs in town ;)

BTW, thanks for the comments on my Universal Studio VIP post.

It was great fun and we're still talking about it at home... (and some of the pic's make great Windows wallpaper :)

Take care,

Michelle said... Wednesday, August 31, 2005 8:29:00 PM

Dare I post this? It takes me about 1 minute to walk to work. Two, if I stop and look at what's blooming/growing/flying around along the way.

Takes a bit longer to get home though, up a steep hill on an empty stomach...

Thomas said... Thursday, September 01, 2005 1:06:00 PM

1 minute Michelle...I don't think you should've posted that! Are you ever late?

Rodney, I could handle a 15 minute cycle - the couple of times I rode, it took around 40 minutes (one way) along with the downside of cycling home in the dark. Plus, I'm lazy!

And Greg, it seems as if distance isn't too much of a big deal for you. Good on you - I too enjoy a good long drive, I have the music up loud and I get to do some thinking. It's even better with the company of my wife ;-)

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