My 32nd Birthday

This year is my "Magic Johnson" year - I'm 32!

I had a great birthday on Sunday, thanks to my beautiful wife for her excitement and organisation. The whole shebang started before Sunday, though:

  • Saturday night - Olivia takes me out on a date to eat pizza and see "War of the Worlds". Mum and Dad look after the kids and we pick them up later that night.
  • Sunday morning - Kids sleep in till just after 8, then come and jump on me in bed and bring me my presents. I got a cappucino maker, a drawing pad and some dark chocolate! Great!
  • Sunday breakfast - Olivia takes us all out to the Pancake Parlour for an extraordinary bacon, eggs, mushroom, and blackberry buckwheat pancake breakfast. It's so filling, I won't eat lunch...
  • Sunday mid-morning - off to church, which we've missed for a couple of weeks. Good to see everyone again.
  • Sunday afternoon - my family and relatives come around (those of them that are in Australia) for a delightful afternoon tea, and Olivia has made a cake shaped like a guitar. I get lots more pressies, including an MP3 player from Mum and Dad!
  • Sunday night - Mum and Dad stay for dinner, which is lasagne and salad. Afterwards we all enjoy a cappucino and some chocolate. After they leave (Mum's got to work the next day, I however have a day off on the Monday), Olivia and I watch "King Arthur".
  • Monday - a relaxing day off, starting with a sleep in till 8:30 (thanks kids). We cleaned out the garage and I showed TJ how to make paper aeroplanes, and then we went to the library before having enchiladas for dinner (yummm!)
What a great birthday - one of the best yet. Thanks LP for making it so special!

p.s. One of the memorable moments was teaching TJ to give "birthday punches". He's got a year to perfect his technique...

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Michelle said... Monday, July 18, 2005 5:35:00 PM

Belated happy-happy to you! Glad to hear you had such an awesome extended celebration.

Thomas said... Monday, July 18, 2005 11:25:00 PM

Thanks Michelle!

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