Lauren and Chris Tie the Knot

Saturday, July 2nd, was a great date for the Goodley side of our family as my cousin Lauren married Chris at St Paul's Catholic Church in Coburg (the picture at left is of them about to cut the cake at their Reception in "The Centre Ivanhoe"). It was a memorable day - after the ceremony, the family went back to Lauren and Chris' house to eat lunch and relax before the reception, while the newlyweds had the offical photos taken elsewhere. The reception place was really classy, the food was fantastic (and some people couldn't finish their meals, there was so much) and it was really good to get together and party with our small family.

There were two unexpected highlights for Olivia and I: we chauffeured my Gran and Grandad for the day - about 3 hours in the car, all up - and had some great chats, and when we got home our babysitter informed us that both the kids had been extra-extra-extra good, and they had made cards for their Mummy and Daddy!

Another highlight: my brother Nathan and his wife and family made the trip down from Newcastle especially for the wedding (they moved up to Newcastle late last year). We have a pretty small family as I think have mentioned (!) so to get to see more of the family together is really special.

Olivia and I really enjoyed the fact that we could enjoy ourselves without chasing after the kids. I hope Lauren and Chris also had a great day. To Lauren and Chris - congratulations, and best wishes!

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Anonymous said... Friday, July 08, 2005 12:26:00 AM

nice pic, sorry we missed it, and happy birthday all in one!!!

Just a quick hi, and I just was looking for digital cameras - we are getting all hi-tech at our church and need to make some cool short movies and take pics of Sam... but anyway, I came to an interesting blog at He is a Christian guy from the northern suburbs who focuses one blog on 'the emerging church' - I thought you might like it with all your links and time spent reading other's blogs. Anyways bro, gots ta go!


Thomas said... Sunday, July 10, 2005 12:47:00 PM

Hey Bro, yeah I have heard of LivingRoom and read it semi-regularly. Thanks for the pointer!

Good luck with your digital camera search. I am sure that in technology-rich South Korea you will have no trouble finding one!


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