Uncomfort Zone

Recently I've been struggling with a concept that is totally foreign to me: stepping outside of my "comfort zone", or challenging myself.

I can honestly say that I'm quite complacently satisfied with who I am right now. There's things that always need tweaking, but that's OK; I'm happy with the way I've approached situations, I'm comfortable in my job, things are just fine with my marriage and being a Dad, and life in general seems just right.

So now here comes the hard part - that what I described in the last paragraph is not a good place to be! What I just described is like soaking in a warm, shallow pool. And I'm slowly learning that sometimes, I've got to make myself go for a swim. Please don't misunderstand me - I'm not saying I'm perfect, just that I'm comfortable...perhaps also I'm lazy, or I don't like making waves, but I know that unless I stretch myself, that I won't get places (career-wise) or improve as a person.

In a job-related sense, I even came across a blog post the other day that said if your boss is not yelling at you at least twice a year, you're not pushing the bounds/innovating enough! Would I want my boss, spouse, friends, etc. to yell at me at least twice a year? No way!

So I'm still learning about stepping outside of my "comfort zone" and giving myself a bit of encouragement. Feel free to help (yelling allowed too!)

New Feed

Thanks Rodney for discovering my feed was broken (no Mum, I'm still getting enough to eat)!

My preferred feed is now at http://feeds.feedburner.com/williamsworld.

Sorry to all those who thought I was gone.

Lego is Cool

When I was a kid I loved Lego - the little bricks that click together. Possibly I was even addicted through the early initiation of Duplo?

I remember at one stage playing with Simon and David when Nathan was still pretty young, and going through a time of imagining places and building vehicles in keeping with certain "roles": my Lego man (usually blue and white) was "Dad", and Simon and David had "Boys" (just the generic name of "Boy", I don't think they had first names!)

In the types of games we played, one or more of us could go "bad" and wreak havoc, but then the rest of the Lego men would eventually win and life would be back to normal...(Remembering this makes me laugh just to think about it. I suppose I would have been somewhere between 10 and 12 years old, making my brothers somewhere between 6 and 10?)

Lego was great fun then, and now we have newer, cleaner, bigger bits floating around the house for TJ and Maya. TJ enjoys blocks probably more than Maya - Uncle Dave and he make lots of huge creations that actually last a couple of days before being packed up. TJ and I have had fun visiting the Lego website to play online games, too.

I see Lego as a great way to open avenues for the imagination: my playing when I was young involved time machines, space ships, towns, lasers, guns and even the Lego trainset. Now, there's Bionicle, MindStorms, pirate, pink castle and racing-themed sets, and even Star Wars Lego sets! There's a Lego Users Group online, a Lego New Testament and of course the Mini-Mizer too.

Lego is cool.

My 32nd Birthday

This year is my "Magic Johnson" year - I'm 32!

I had a great birthday on Sunday, thanks to my beautiful wife for her excitement and organisation. The whole shebang started before Sunday, though:

  • Saturday night - Olivia takes me out on a date to eat pizza and see "War of the Worlds". Mum and Dad look after the kids and we pick them up later that night.
  • Sunday morning - Kids sleep in till just after 8, then come and jump on me in bed and bring me my presents. I got a cappucino maker, a drawing pad and some dark chocolate! Great!
  • Sunday breakfast - Olivia takes us all out to the Pancake Parlour for an extraordinary bacon, eggs, mushroom, and blackberry buckwheat pancake breakfast. It's so filling, I won't eat lunch...
  • Sunday mid-morning - off to church, which we've missed for a couple of weeks. Good to see everyone again.
  • Sunday afternoon - my family and relatives come around (those of them that are in Australia) for a delightful afternoon tea, and Olivia has made a cake shaped like a guitar. I get lots more pressies, including an MP3 player from Mum and Dad!
  • Sunday night - Mum and Dad stay for dinner, which is lasagne and salad. Afterwards we all enjoy a cappucino and some chocolate. After they leave (Mum's got to work the next day, I however have a day off on the Monday), Olivia and I watch "King Arthur".
  • Monday - a relaxing day off, starting with a sleep in till 8:30 (thanks kids). We cleaned out the garage and I showed TJ how to make paper aeroplanes, and then we went to the library before having enchiladas for dinner (yummm!)
What a great birthday - one of the best yet. Thanks LP for making it so special!

p.s. One of the memorable moments was teaching TJ to give "birthday punches". He's got a year to perfect his technique...

Lauren and Chris Tie the Knot

Saturday, July 2nd, was a great date for the Goodley side of our family as my cousin Lauren married Chris at St Paul's Catholic Church in Coburg (the picture at left is of them about to cut the cake at their Reception in "The Centre Ivanhoe"). It was a memorable day - after the ceremony, the family went back to Lauren and Chris' house to eat lunch and relax before the reception, while the newlyweds had the offical photos taken elsewhere. The reception place was really classy, the food was fantastic (and some people couldn't finish their meals, there was so much) and it was really good to get together and party with our small family.

There were two unexpected highlights for Olivia and I: we chauffeured my Gran and Grandad for the day - about 3 hours in the car, all up - and had some great chats, and when we got home our babysitter informed us that both the kids had been extra-extra-extra good, and they had made cards for their Mummy and Daddy!

Another highlight: my brother Nathan and his wife and family made the trip down from Newcastle especially for the wedding (they moved up to Newcastle late last year). We have a pretty small family as I think have mentioned (!) so to get to see more of the family together is really special.

Olivia and I really enjoyed the fact that we could enjoy ourselves without chasing after the kids. I hope Lauren and Chris also had a great day. To Lauren and Chris - congratulations, and best wishes!

Winter In Melbourne

It's definitely winter here in Melbourne. The nights are getting very frosty and Olivia and I (together with Cassie tha cat) have been huddling around the column heater at home after the kids are tucked snugly in their beds. It's cold in the morning when I go out to the car to go to work (at least it's not dark when I leave and return). I can also tell it's winter internally, because apart from wanting to hibernate like a grumpy bear, I really love long hot showers in the morning and find it hard to get out!

Today though, my office has sunshine blazing in, and 5 or 6 PCs creating an artificial tropical zone to keep me warm. Hmmm, toasty...

Here's the forecast from The Weather Channel for Frankston, Victoria:


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