"Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork"

I enjoyed this GetReligion link to an interview with Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee talking about healthy eating and his weight loss, as well as changing the culture of eating and marketing (at least that's what I take out of it). Check the title of his book - "Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork"...a scary thought!

A quote from the article:

"...[We want] to make more parents aware of how little exercise their kids are getting, and how many calories their kids are getting. Many of the things that parents do to show love for their kids are not necessarily in their best interest. For example, you take your kids to pizza not because you hate them but because you think that you’re giving them a treat. And if a medium pizza might actually meet the nutritional needs of three or four kids, the large one shows that you have no limits to your love."

The article gives me something to think about in the way I parent. I offer food as a reward quite often with TJ. I try and balance the reward of food with other things, but food's almost the easiest one. For instance, which one's easier: a trip to the playground (which TJ loves), or a chocolate frog (which everyone loves)? Hmmm...

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