The Personal Touch

Michelle blogged about receiving and sending hand-written letters (which I never do...well, once a year or so I write a letter), and this sentence stood out about half way down:

I wonder how many others out there miss the personal touch.

Reading that line got me thinking about the sense of touch itself (sorry Michelle, my mind wandered). I'm a person who communicates best with words only, but I've noticed how much I enjoy being cuddled and having my back rubbed by my wife, being hugged by my kids, and generally making contact or holding hands with both the wife and kids. I'd almost forgotten how good "touch" is!

Reading "The Five Love Languages" was a real eye-opener for Olivia and I as it helped us understand how we give and receive love and affection (I'm not just talking about...). I'd recommend it for any couple. It covers touch and how people might respond to touch differently. Olivia and I appreciate touch about as much as each other, I think: however, I now know after reading and discussing our "love languages" that Olivia feels loved, appreciated and special when I do something for her like wash the dishes or tidy up or some other act of service. On the other hand, I really appreciate it when she just talks to me!

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