The Office, Part 2

Last week I posted about the US version of "The Office" TV show screening here in Melbourne. As mentioned, I laughed and laughed at the two episodes (and the series pilot) Channel Ten screened over two nights (although I would have probably saved the pilot episode for later on in the series as it was not quite as polished as the proper episodes). So imagine my surprise and disappointment when I looked for it on TV tonight and found Everybody Loves Raymond repeats. A bit of googling brings up:

And the US clone of the British hit The Office premiered on Ten with 262,344 viewers but fell away to 196,491 on its second night. Ten announced on Monday that it had been axed and tonight's scheduled episode has been replaced with a repeat of Everybody Loves Raymond.
(The Age)

The British version might have rated well for the ABC, but the American remake of The Office has failed to live up to Network Ten's expectations, being axed after just two episodes.
(Herald Sun)

It must be my sense of humour! And the service from Channel Ten is a little unbelievable - no news on their site at all about the dumping of the show - a search on their site brings up nothing, as if the show had never existed. Unfortunately sending a quick e-mail to them is not possible as the "Contact Us" page on their website provides only a phone number and mailing address.

I'm not surprised that the show did not rate that well - what did Channel 10 expect? The original UK version was on the ABC - the government channel - years ago and I'm sure only a small percentage of the population ever heard of it.

OK, I'm calming down now, it's just TV, it's not like I've missed something that will never be on again...

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