"The Making Of"

I love watching the extra bits that come with most DVD movies - particularly anything to do with "the making of". I am most interested in the actors and their experiences, and I can happily sit through a movie and then sit through the DVD extras - they enhance the movie.

Watching the behind-the-scenes stuff reminds me that movie stars are ordinary people - sometimes very rich, very blessed ordinary people - and the image that's presented on-screen, whether it's of a tough guy, or a sensitive guy, or an evil guy, is just an image. And it's amazing to find that some actors are insecure about their craft (just as anyone might be when in front of a camera).

We watched the excellent Japanese movie Zatoichi a couple of weeks back, and the "making of" was amazing. There was an interesting moment that revealed that the actor playing a tough samurai as quite a meek person, bowing to all the camera crew politely after finishing a scene. And the main actor was the writer and director (which I found amazing).

My all-time favorite behind-the-scenes documentary is the "Lord of the Rings" - 3+ hours of cool stuff for each movie (in the extended editions)!

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