I Am A Hoarder

I am a hoarder. Every time we have a big clean up, I can think of many reasons to keep my old stuff for just another couple of years. And I still remember nearly everything I have ever lost or broken - and sometimes i think it would be better if I still had some of that stuff!

For instance when I was young I had a great book on science, and lost it somehow. I can still remember that book. For many years after it went missing, I checked and double-checked our bookshelves at home. Same with $20 I was given as a birthday present when i was a teenager. I may have spent it, but I can't remember; in any case, on regular intervals I would check my drawers and cupboards, looking for the envelope it was in!

The only exception to my hoarding nature is when I don't want something (possibly I bought something else to replace it). Then that item is free to go to the Salvo's.

Strangest Thing I Have Kept: A disposable plastic raincoat (still in packet), in case I ever need it, and I can find it.

Something I Got Rid Of That I Wish I Hadn't: Old (e.g. late 80's/early 90's) computer programs. Man, I could go some "Summer Games" right now...

Something Whose Time Had Come: My collection of 1 and 2 cent pieces, old material patches that I'd never sewn onto anything, and twisted bits of wire. Even I could see that it was time to get rid of those.

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