Garden State

I'd seen a lot of good (low-key good) reports on the movie "Garden State", so we rented it the other night, not knowing anything about the story or content. Olivia and I both enjoyed the movie, all the more so when we considered that the lead actor wrote, directed and starred in it (previously I'd only seen him in the mediocre TV show Scrubs).

Hey, Victoria, the state of Australia I live in, is also known as the "Garden State". Lucky coincidence?

I love a good movie and it seems like my greatest gift to my friends is to recommend they watch what I watched the other night. After watching "Garden State", I felt this leaves a burning question: should I have a problem talking up a movie that has some questionable content (mainly drug use, which I don't agree with) to my married/with kids friends? Is it something I'd want them recommending to me? Or, on the other hand, should I be put off a well-crafted film because it has stuff in it that I don't agree with?

I feel like the worst offender is nudity as it seems a little gratuitous e.g. do we need to see a man and woman in the buff, in the sack, on the big screen? Wouldn't just the insinuation be enough for the viewer to realise that two people had slept together? Does it advance the story? Is it a believable moment?

Wow, I'm getting really off the topic, because Garden State didn't have any nudity, but I just had to get that out. I'd give Garden State 9 out of 12, and it will be interesting to see if the film stands up to a repeat viewing (where you see a movie once, declare it great, but then hesitate to watch it a 2nd time...)

Stay tuned for the next Tommo Review where I might actually write about what the movie was about, rather than just spout off!

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