The Case of the Picked Pocket

Two weeks ago we got a shiny new mobile phone on a cheap plan. A week later, the new phone was stolen! Olivia thinks it may have been lifted from her jacket pocket in the food court at a large shopping centre. When she realised it was gone and tried ringing it 1/2 an hour later, it had been turned off. Backtracking her way to the shops she had visited and a report to both the police and centre management didn't unearth the phone, and since then we have had no word on it; so we consider it gone.

Not much we can do here. I doubt even Sherlock Holmes could solve this one!

Olivia's had a great attitude regarding the loss which is encouraging to me. Our provider can send us out another phone for an extra fee per month, but we've decided to cut our losses for the moment and stick with our old phone for now. It is unfortunate, but of course it's not the end of the world (as the saying goes)...I wonder who came up with that saying? Was it someone trying to counter another's argument that an issue was the end of he world? Hmmm...

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