Going Out Anniversary

Last Monday was Olivia and my 10th anniversary of going out/being boyfriend and girlfriend/however you would say it.

Of course I remember 10 years ago when I told Olivia that I might as well get the formalities over with and ask her out, after we'd been seeing each other for 2 weeks. She was sitting on the bonnet of my car outside her friend's house in Ringwood. It had rained most of the day (we'd been sightseeing down at Phillip Island, mainly from the car). With my rugged good looks, of course she said "yes"!

Those first few months were amazing in that we had so much to talk about (those who know me know that I can jaw with the best of them), and we didn't have any arguments until we'd been going out for around 9 months. Wow!

So last Monday, Olivia took me out on a date, to re-live our first date: dinner at the Pancake Parlour and a movie at Chadstone Shopping Centre. 10 years ago we saw the average "Outbreak" with Dustin Hoffman. Last week we saw "The Interpreter" (only slightly less average, in my book). The Pancake Parlour still cooks a great pancake, and my beautiful wife still is as striking, charming, intelligent, caring, funny and just overall spectacular as she has ever been.

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