If this blog was a...

Some airy, fairy thoughts that are floating around inside my head late tonight:

If this blog was a flower, what flower would it be?
I don't know much about gardening. I only know the names of one or two plants. Why would I think about flowers? Subconcsiously, maybe, I believe this blog to be a cactus. They're ugly, but persistent.

If this blog was a car, what make would it be?
An '86 Ford Falcon station wagon. We had one - it was big, grey, chunky, slow, and lasted till the exact day we needed it, then we got it towed away by a wrecker. How do these features relate to this blog? Hmmm, big, grey, chunky, slow...

If this blog was a cartoon character, which one would it be?
Maybe someone like Odie from Garfield (the comics, not the movie). Usually quite docile and dumb, but having a hidden ,surprising mean streak and the ability to put on a calculated "you've got to be kidding" kind of look.

If this blog was a color, what color would it be? (these are getting crapper...)
Blue-grey. The sort of color at the end of a clear day, when the sun has set and night time is beginning.

If this blog was a soft drink, which brand would it be?
Coke. Yeah. I could go a Coke right now...

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