Family Reunion

Last Sunday (March 20th), we had our annual Williams Family Reunion. This is a special gathering for me because it's for all the descendants of Thomas Samuel Williams 1 (my great-grandfather on my Dad'd side). The patriarch of the event is my Grandpa's only surviving sibling, Uncle Ted, and his wife Aunty Merle.

Sunday was great, it was really good to talk to 2nd- and 3rd-cousins and catch up with family goings-on. The frustrating part of the whole day for me is that my social interaction seems to be limited to "Hi, who are you? How are you?", as I can't remember people from year to year...although the people I talk to seem to remember me, and of course my beautiful wife remembers everyone! Thankfully, Sunday was slightly better as I've seen a few of the relatives recently at Dad'd 60th Party. I hope as time goes on I'll be able to go up to each person and greet them by name!

Having a reunion of "Williams" could potentially be a big event. I don't know how many descendants TSW 1 has, but there is something like 4 generations present. I have found each year gets slightly bigger, especially with more and more children, and this year alone I noticed that there were 5 "baby" girls, all around the 1-year-old mark.

It's amazing to see just how many people are affected and brought together by one person. The reunion also holds a special place for me as I am named "Thomas Samuel Williams" and have a son named the same - namesakes of the original!

(This history explains why this blog's address is "thomasswilliams" - for my middle name of Samuel - and not thomasswilliams, for my notoriety as a dumb ass)

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