The 5-year Plan

Olivia and I spent a bit of time soul-searching recently, trying to look forward to next year particularly and the next couple of years generally in regards to my job, her job, our location, dreams, plans, TJ's school, more kids, etc.

It seems that every so often we're both ready to talk - at length - about these things. I was spurred on to think about my career when a good friend who is 15 or so years older than me told me he had lots of regrets about things he didn't do when he was younger. I admitted when talking to him that I didn't have many regrets, but later put a bit of thought into it and found that over the last couple of years I do have something that I would like to do, but figured it would not come to pass.

I'll put this into the context of my original plan leaving Uni, after completing a Bachelor of Computing and a Bachelor of Education. I'd originally planned to work in IT for at least 5 years, and then move into teaching, which would coincide with TJ going to school (TJ will start grade Prep in 2007). Teaching would mean that I would have holidays with the kids. It is also part of my life that I really enjoy, although I'm the first to admit it is hard work. This 5 year timeframe expires at the end of 2005.

So back to the thing I would like to do but never thought I would: teach English overseas, Korea specifically. Olivia and I talked about it a lot over the past couple of weeks, and we both think it looks good on paper, would be a great opportunity, good for the kids, etc. While I was in the thick of musing over it, I talked to another friend who prompted me with a question along the lines of "What gives you joy?"

Only in the last few days have I realised that working with computers, talking to other geeks, writing programs, fixing things and playing with new toys gets me excited. I really enjoy my job! It's kind of scary when you start talking to the wife about a work problem, and both of our eyes glaze over - hers at boredom, mine misting over with satisfaction, or perhaps gazing aimlessly into the distance, contemplating a solution to an un-finished problem.

So even though the teaching English overseas thing looks good on paper, it's not for me, right now. But at least we thought about it and came up with enough reasons not to go, that I won't think later on "if only". The challenge now is to re-apply myself to getting out of my comfort zone, in the job and line of work that I've decided to cast my lot for the next couple of years.

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