My Favorite Films of All Time

Recently I was thinking about all the weekly movies I'd like to catch up on, and so I've put together what are aguably the best films of all time - or, if you're arguing, my favorite films of all time*. There was a lot of equal 1st and equal 2nd:

1Lord of The Rings Trilogy
The Last Samurai
True Lies
Groundhog Day
2Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy
Enter The Dragon, Dragon
Alien, Aliens
Predator, Predator 2
3Good Will Hunting
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
White Men Can't Jump
4The Matrix (1)
The Usual Suspects
Mission Impossible (1)
Perfect Storm
5The Empire Strikes Back
The Rock
Minority Report
I, Robot
The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2

Judging by the above list, my top 5 films encompasses over 25 titles! This list has changed over the years, and it will be interesting what it'll look like in a further 5/10 years.

* Of course I'm bound to forget some film or other!

Family Reunion

Last Sunday (March 20th), we had our annual Williams Family Reunion. This is a special gathering for me because it's for all the descendants of Thomas Samuel Williams 1 (my great-grandfather on my Dad'd side). The patriarch of the event is my Grandpa's only surviving sibling, Uncle Ted, and his wife Aunty Merle.

Sunday was great, it was really good to talk to 2nd- and 3rd-cousins and catch up with family goings-on. The frustrating part of the whole day for me is that my social interaction seems to be limited to "Hi, who are you? How are you?", as I can't remember people from year to year...although the people I talk to seem to remember me, and of course my beautiful wife remembers everyone! Thankfully, Sunday was slightly better as I've seen a few of the relatives recently at Dad'd 60th Party. I hope as time goes on I'll be able to go up to each person and greet them by name!

Having a reunion of "Williams" could potentially be a big event. I don't know how many descendants TSW 1 has, but there is something like 4 generations present. I have found each year gets slightly bigger, especially with more and more children, and this year alone I noticed that there were 5 "baby" girls, all around the 1-year-old mark.

It's amazing to see just how many people are affected and brought together by one person. The reunion also holds a special place for me as I am named "Thomas Samuel Williams" and have a son named the same - namesakes of the original!

(This history explains why this blog's address is "thomasswilliams" - for my middle name of Samuel - and not thomasswilliams, for my notoriety as a dumb ass)

If this blog was a...

Some airy, fairy thoughts that are floating around inside my head late tonight:

If this blog was a flower, what flower would it be?
I don't know much about gardening. I only know the names of one or two plants. Why would I think about flowers? Subconcsiously, maybe, I believe this blog to be a cactus. They're ugly, but persistent.

If this blog was a car, what make would it be?
An '86 Ford Falcon station wagon. We had one - it was big, grey, chunky, slow, and lasted till the exact day we needed it, then we got it towed away by a wrecker. How do these features relate to this blog? Hmmm, big, grey, chunky, slow...

If this blog was a cartoon character, which one would it be?
Maybe someone like Odie from Garfield (the comics, not the movie). Usually quite docile and dumb, but having a hidden ,surprising mean streak and the ability to put on a calculated "you've got to be kidding" kind of look.

If this blog was a color, what color would it be? (these are getting crapper...)
Blue-grey. The sort of color at the end of a clear day, when the sun has set and night time is beginning.

If this blog was a soft drink, which brand would it be?
Coke. Yeah. I could go a Coke right now...


A couple of days back, Michelle at Mikao's World blogged about Artpad, and I went over there and did a self-portrait.

This is me:
ArtPad Self-Portrait March 4th 2005

Things Happening Recently

A few things happened recently that I didn't get time to write about. Most importantly, my bro David had a birthday (Happy Birthday Dave!) Dave was also good enough to lend me his XBox, and also call to help out after our car crash.

Car CrashThat's right, we had a minor car crash. It was a very low-speed incident, with another car impacting ours on basically the driver-side front wheel after turning out of a side street. I won't bother you with the details - fortunately, nobody got hurt, it was not our fault and the other party has insurance which is covering the cost of repairs (mainly panel damage) to our car. The whole family was in the car, including my young cousin, and it makes you realise that it could have been a lot worse. We have been blessed to be in the position we are in.

That's the strange thing - even though our one and only car is going to be in for repairs for 3 weeks leaving us without transport, and it was not our fault, I am actually grateful that this is the only inconvenience we have. As I mentioned, it could have been a lot worse.

That was last weekend. On the weekend just gone, Olivia and I had a relaxing weekend featuring some relaxing arguments (however, I'm under a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" which means I won't be talking about them). Unfortunately Olivia also hurt her arm playing with the kids, and she played with a strapped wrist for today's (Tuesday's) mixed basketball Grand Final.

I realised as we lost the Grand Final, that not much seperates a loser from a sore loser. The way I see it is that one team played better than the other; so, everything I gripe about that diminishes the fact that the other team actually beat us (it was no accident) is being a sore loser. Full credit to them, they are a good team...we can beat them, but we'll have to wait for next season (which starts next week!) to find out.

On a side note: I reckon one of the world's hardest substances are breakfast cereals left on the inside of bowls. Try cleaning your Weet Bix bowl, at the end of the day. It's almost impossible.

The 5-year Plan

Olivia and I spent a bit of time soul-searching recently, trying to look forward to next year particularly and the next couple of years generally in regards to my job, her job, our location, dreams, plans, TJ's school, more kids, etc.

It seems that every so often we're both ready to talk - at length - about these things. I was spurred on to think about my career when a good friend who is 15 or so years older than me told me he had lots of regrets about things he didn't do when he was younger. I admitted when talking to him that I didn't have many regrets, but later put a bit of thought into it and found that over the last couple of years I do have something that I would like to do, but figured it would not come to pass.

I'll put this into the context of my original plan leaving Uni, after completing a Bachelor of Computing and a Bachelor of Education. I'd originally planned to work in IT for at least 5 years, and then move into teaching, which would coincide with TJ going to school (TJ will start grade Prep in 2007). Teaching would mean that I would have holidays with the kids. It is also part of my life that I really enjoy, although I'm the first to admit it is hard work. This 5 year timeframe expires at the end of 2005.

So back to the thing I would like to do but never thought I would: teach English overseas, Korea specifically. Olivia and I talked about it a lot over the past couple of weeks, and we both think it looks good on paper, would be a great opportunity, good for the kids, etc. While I was in the thick of musing over it, I talked to another friend who prompted me with a question along the lines of "What gives you joy?"

Only in the last few days have I realised that working with computers, talking to other geeks, writing programs, fixing things and playing with new toys gets me excited. I really enjoy my job! It's kind of scary when you start talking to the wife about a work problem, and both of our eyes glaze over - hers at boredom, mine misting over with satisfaction, or perhaps gazing aimlessly into the distance, contemplating a solution to an un-finished problem.

So even though the teaching English overseas thing looks good on paper, it's not for me, right now. But at least we thought about it and came up with enough reasons not to go, that I won't think later on "if only". The challenge now is to re-apply myself to getting out of my comfort zone, in the job and line of work that I've decided to cast my lot for the next couple of years.


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