Reality TV

Funny headline (and short blog post) that grabbed my attention: Reality TV will lead to the end of civilization!

I guess everyone has an opinion on "reality TV". This may put you off, but my opinion is that I don't like it. I mean, what could be further from reality - a contest on an island with feats of strength and cunning? And the bits we don't see: the cameras and crews, the editing before content can be presented (with an inevitable bias of the editors and producers), the money changing hands for sponsorship or participation, and perhaps even the selection of competitors to produce the most abrasive and view-worthy situations.

Phew, had to get that out.

I honestly see "reality TV" as a fad that will have it's time and fade away. What's your opinion?

Dad's 60th Party

My Dad turned 60 last week, and in his honor we held a surprise party!

Mum and Olivia did a great job organising. Everyone kept it secret, and Dad was very, very surprised. Unfortunately 2 of my brothers couldn't make it (one lives in South Korea, the other in Newcastle, New South Wales) but we managed to all be represented in the speeches & tributes to Dad.

It would take me a long time to list down all the funny stories about Dad here. I don't think he's going to be slowing up as he gets older. Happy Birthday Dad!

Valentine's Day comes early

Well Valentine's Day came early for me, Olivia ordered the Ultimate Jordan (20th Anniversay 3-Disc Collector's Edition) from Amazon, and it arrived yesterday!

I am as happy as the proverbial pig in it. Basically 12 hours of Michael Jordan's (you didn't think I meant the Jordan river, or Jordan the country?) best stuff, including 5 full NBA games - pure gold!

I know what I'll be doing over the next couple of days*...

* Finding Olivia a Valentine's Day gift that's as great as what I got, of course. And watching my precious.

The Big 60

Nearly my Dad's birthday...60!

He doesn't reckon it's that much of a milestone. I know he's not the type to worry about his age - I reckon he's aged gracefully, and fits the tag of "Grandpa" perfectly. We'll see what he says after his birthday.

I wonder what changes at 60? Do you have to go for your driver's license on a more regular basis? Do you need stronger glasses? Do you start huffing and puffing a bit more after taking the bins out?

Back To It

Where was I? Here's the keyboard, got the mouse plugged in, oh yes, I was writing something...

Well, work has started again, the holidays are over and the year has started in earnest for me. My month off in January was great - surprisingly I spent very little time on the computer - and I feel rested and ready to tackle the next 11 months.

Over my summer break in January we got to the beach (a lot), did some day trips (also to the beach) and even went to the Melbourne Aquarium and ScienceWorks which were great. The last week of our holidays was spent camping in our new 10-man tent at Lakeside Caravan Park in Halls Gap. Halls Gap, right in the centre of the Grampians, is an unbelievably beautiful spot. We walked a fair bit, took in some waterfalls and views, swam in the pool (we had three consecutive high 30's degree days) and generally relaxed.

The best thing is, we didn't even get to go to all the good spots in Halls Gap. I can see another holiday there in the future.

I'm glad to be back. It is always good to get time off...I could use some more, getting back to work is tiring!


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