Maya is One

If it seems like a whole year has passed since Maya's birth on January 1st 2004, well, it's because it little girl is 1!

Maya's birthday cake

Olivia wanted to make her cake in the shape of her favorite toy, but we realised that her all-time favorite things are bananas, so she had a big banana-shaped cake (which she got all over her face, as you can see!)

I'm sure she enjoyed her birthday (based on the number of excited noises she made and "wow" faces). We started by giving her presents first thing in the morning, had lunch out with Olivia's Oma at Hungry Jacks and then her party was that night for a relaxed dinner with family.

I realise I'm biased, but I have to admit that she's gorgeous...she says "ta" (thanks) when she wants things, she's figured out how to climb up slides, she's nearly walking (she has been "nearly" walking for about 3 weeks now), she loves playing with her Saddle Club "Prancer" pony that she got for Christmas, she loves being chased as she's crawling round the house and is all around a great child. I'm blessed as a parent!

Merry Christmas, Part 2

So did you have a Merry Christmas? We certainly did!

This photo is of our little tribe in December, a photo we were going to send out on Christmas cards but didn't get organised enough! It's at a little inlet in Carrum just down the road, while we were out for a walk at sunset.

Patterson River inlet Carrum December 15 2004

Back to Christmas: around the day itself was very busy with my relatives coming over to our house and Olivia doing a brilliant job catering and hostessing, and 2 trips down to Olivia's hometown Leongatha in Gippsland for her side of the family. We also spent Boxing Day at the beach with Olivia's extended family (there were so many there that I didn't get to even talk to everyone) for the first time in my ten years of knowing my wife, which was also exciting.

Most memorably after the travel and seeing family are the presents, and eating. I don't know about anyone else but I find I nearly always eat far, far too much at Christmas. This year I did slighty better, and we even worked it off as a family by being fairly active and going for walks. In terms of pressies I love shopping for and giving them...and I reckon TJ and Maya ended up with a pretty good haul.

Santa was also good to me this year as I got a basketball DVD and the "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" Extended Edition DVD, some clothes, a Borders bookshop gift voucher to share with my wife (thanks Dave!) and chocolates.

I hope your Christmas was safe and well!


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