Merry Christmas, Part 1

Just like to wish all the good reader(s) of Williams World, a Merry Christmas! Have a great Christmas and New Year...

Break the drought...

Well, I have to say it, if nobody else will - I have to break the blog drought. I was even getting sick and tired of reading about the time it takes for movies to get to video - annoyance at Thomas for not posting, but being to darned lazy to do anything about it myself!

What have we been up to? Are we still alive? Well, yes. We are great. Busy in the lead up to Christmas, and Maya's first birthday. (I know, I can't believe it myself, my Girlie Wirlie is getting so big!)

Life seems to be hurtling along at an alarming way though. I wonder if it is our society, or just our homelife that is so busy. I don't remember that it used to be like this. Does anyone else feel like life is just too fast at the moment?

Moving right along, I am very much excited about the Apprentice. This Thursday is the last episode - will it be Jen or Kelly. Personally, I don't like Jen at all. I think that I agree with Ivana who said that she is just like a Barbie doll, but worse. I think she is awful, and hope that Kelly wins. But then, all good television is suprises, and we saw that the Donald said to the girls that Kelly probably has won it, and then I think that Jen must have won it, because it would be predictable otherwise wouldn't it.....?????

Anyway, enough ramblings in the late of the night, and if I don't see you,

Have a marvellous Christmas, and a may God bless you all richly in 2005.



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