Time To Video (TTV)

I'm amazed by how quickly movies go from the big screen to video. I've called it the "Time To Video" (TTV) scale. Below I've picked out a biased sample of movies I've seen (except Spiderman 2, it's just in there for comparison) and the amount of time it takes for them to come out on video/DVD:

TitleTheatre Release (Australia)Home Release (Australia)Number of Days between Theatre and Home ReleaseOpening Weekend $ (USA)
The Bourne Supremacy26 August 200415 December 2004111US$52,521,865
Alien vs Predator30 September 2004January 25 2005117US$38,291,056
I, Robot22 July 200424 November 2004
The Day after Tomorrow27 May 20046 October 2004132US$85,807,341
Spiderman 230 June 200415 November 2004138US$115,817,364

For some movies it's definitely an indication of their crapness. For others I guess it's a marketing opportunity (e.g. just in time for Christmas)!

A couple of the movies I liked this year are coming to DVD soon - should I buy them, or just rent them? I'm a bit of a sucker for all the special features, but I have to admit that often movies I own sit in the collection and are watched once or twice only. Two rentals at $5.50 each works out a lot cheaper than buying a DVD at somewhere between $20 and $30. Hmmm...

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Rodney Olsen said... Wednesday, November 24, 2004 10:09:00 PM

These days a lot of movie houses treat the theatre release of a movie as promotion for the DVD release. The money is in selling DVDs.

There have been a lot of movies in the past few years which haven't come close to breaking even at the cinema but have made the companies many millions on DVD. The whole focus has shifted big time.

Thomas said... Friday, November 26, 2004 4:53:00 PM

Hey Rodney, that's an insightful comment. Add to the "theatre as promo" the merchandise (games, toys, books) and you have a pretty good three-month advertisement (or whatever the number of months a film stays at the cinemas) for a couple of years worth of sales.

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