TJ's Basketball Aspirations

TJ is getting a lot more independent and recently has been trying to dress himself (previously he undressed himself for showers, all but the t-shirt and singlet which was too hard to take off). He'll often help selecting his own outfit for the day, he always puts his dirty clothes in the wash basket, and he even goes off to his bedroom sometimes to "get dressed by myself".

Of course his favorite clothes are Mummy and Daddy's clothes. The other day he pulled on some of my socks, and I couldn't resist putting my basketball boots on him and taking a photo:
TJ looking tough and cool as a basketballer
I reckon TJ looks pretty tough (I'm not sure if it's a smile he's putting on) and I know one day he'll have shoes bigger than those in the picture!

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Simon said... Sunday, October 10, 2004 11:23:00 PM

I'm glad TJ is undressing himself for showers now. At first I thought it strange to make him shower in his clothes but I guess the tactic worked and it's something I'll have to experiment with on my own subjects. I mean children.

And TJ sure does have big 'plates o' meat' and it's good that he takes after his father and hopefully will do on the court and I'm sure next time I'm back in Oz he'll be some competition since I could never beat Ace senior.

Thomas said... Monday, October 11, 2004 1:53:00 PM

Simey, just to clarify, TJ didn't shower in all his clothes, just his t-shirt and singlet (as punishment for not getting them off). Olivia eventually did take them off, I'd been using his shower to wash them and then not change them from day to day...

As for our amazingly even playing record on the court, and previously as the "Ballies", I just hope that TJ takes lessons and learns from his Uncle Simey at basketball, so that maybe, just maybe, he'll approach your "beanpole" legend!

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