Maya's Progress

Maya is now 9 months old and growing up very quickly. She's just getting her first teeth (down the bottom) and Olivia and I know about it! Her favorite pastimes are sitting at the window, banging on it and making "bah bah bah" noises; pulling herself to standing in her cot and on other furniture; smearing Marie biscuits or Vegemite sandwiches all over herself and her highchair, ingesting some occasionally; crawling after her big brother, who delights in playing with her; and, of course, exploring the rapidly expanding world (to her reach, anyway) of our house and surrounds. Maya's just not quite up to crawling on grass yet - she hasn't got used to the texture - but if she was, we'd be chasing her everywhere.
Maya Crawling, Smiling
I took this photo while looking after her one afternoon. She is pictured here having a ball playing with a set of drawers in our bedroom. For some reason, the flash isn't as bright as normal so the lighting looks quite even - pretty good for our $15 plastic snapshot camera!

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Simon said... Sunday, October 10, 2004 11:26:00 PM

Wow! That's great! Banging stuff and singing 'bah bah bah'! That means she likes punk music! I think it's a number 2 kid thing (remember I'm a number 2) and you know what they say about number 2, and it's sort of like number 2 in Austin Powers- that's right, slightly less evil and not as good a basketballer as no. 1 and painfully aware that they will never be...

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