Man Foils Robbery, Gets Sack

FOXNews is reporting Restaurant Worker Foils Robbery, Gets Fired.

The short of it is that two men broke into a restauraunt, made all the employees lay down on the ground, and took the supervisor out the back. The supervisor grabbed a hammer and hit one of the men, and they ran, and the money that the robbers had already collected was recovered.

The supervisor was fired a few days later because he "had endangered the employees' lives by violating rules that require cooperation with robbers".

One side of me is in disbelief, asking questions like - isn't the man a hero? Didn't he actually take the employee's lives out of danger?

The other part appreciates that the company doesn't want to become a target for macho thiefs. My inner manager reminds me that if someone breaks policy, there has to be some action (for instance, I've heard that you can't get fired because you steal something from your work, unless stealing is a breach of company policy).

What would you do in the circumstances? Is it instinctive to want to protect yourself like the supervisor did? Would his co-workers be thankful or resentful?

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Simon said... Sunday, October 10, 2004 11:19:00 PM

Hmmmm... Tough Call...

When Jesus said to turn the other cheek, would this refer best to the robbee or robbers? Should the manager have volunteered his watch, cash and bank details to the starving, desperate and underprivelaged thieves, or should the vile, mucus sucking criminals asked for another thump from the mallet on the other cheek?

While an important question, I find a more important question was raised by the Ace- what would you do? WWYD? Well, I guess if I was the robber maybe I would wear more protection, and maybe more vigorously search for weapons such as mallets, chains, meat cleavers and the like.

I don't blame the restaurant for sacking and wonder whether a settlement was reached between the two parties based on the ex-manager tarnishing the restaurants previously good and peaceful name by his savage and violent attack on the potential customers (maybe under other circumstances).

Like you I want justice, and I will be the first one to call for a ban on all mallets.

Thomas said... Monday, October 11, 2004 2:42:00 PM

Hey Simey, thanks for the feedback, and your comments leave a lot to think about, such as the cheek-turning and scaring off potential customers!

If the robbers had listened to other things said in the Bible, like "Don't steal", then they wouldn't be in the building at all, so we can assume that they wouldn't be turning cheeks. The supervisor may have a responsibility to be a turncheek...

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