French Headscarf Ban

Warning: I don't watch TV news or read the paper, and so rely on the internet for my news fix. This news may be old news to some.

Fox News is reporting that Muslim girls in France are being expelled from school for wearing their head-scarfs. A new law was passed in May this year, effective from the new school year in September, that says that no conspicuous religious symbols are to be worn in public schools. Some Sikh boys have also been caught up because of their turbans. Large Christian crosses could also get you expelled.

What is this really about? It's kind of hard to work out...

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Anonymous said... Monday, October 25, 2004 11:28:00 AM

Hi bro!

I was in Switzerland when all this came out earlier in the year/late last year, and it really seems a bit heavy to me- I mean I always thought that people who migrated to Australia should become like Australians, but now older and hopefully a little wiser I wonder about this forced conformity, even if it is in the name of equality...

Thomas said... Monday, October 25, 2004 8:25:00 PM

Hey I agree Simey, I think we were bought up in a culture that identified and condemned groups that seemed to stick to themselves and not "integrate" (i.e become like us).

I would like to think now that I've lived a little and been exposed to much more that I would not even lean towards anything resembling "racist", I would perhaps appreciate elements of different cultures, perhaps I wouldn't support such a law like this in France either.

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