Dickson Ogwang and the Friends of Uganda

On Sunday, and amazing man came to visit our church for the second time. He came 2 years ago in November, and I still recall his message from then. He was talking about the power of God, and he really knew what he was talking about. That left a mark on me that still today has effects. I sometimes wonder if in the western world we really understand about divine power.

His name is Dickson Ogwang, and he is from Uganda. He has seen awful things. No, atrocious things, and yet he is still faithful and desperate to talk about Jesus and how awesome and powerful He is. Dickson is an inspiring speaker and he speaks with the authority of God behind him. He shared on Sunday about not being afraid to go forth for Jesus, not cowering behind something that is not the Victor. It was so timely for me to hear these things, and I often struggle with being bold for Christ. I am so afraid often of what others will think of me, and am concerned if they will not like me anymore. Little by little God is dealing with me, but it took a big bit away when I was listening to Dickson speak.

Amazing isn't it, when we hear of people who are oppressed in the worst sense, and how they triumph with God. What an encouragement to each of us, and how ashamed I should feel about my little trite concerns in comfortable Australia.

I pray that God blesses Dickson and the work that he is involved in with Friends of Uganda - an outreach to help the people helping orphans in Uganda.

Rodney Olsen also has a post about Irene Gleeson, an Australian living in Uganda and helping the orphans in the North of Uganda. Worth a read and a pray. Check it out here: http://www.arach.net.au/~rpej.olsen/blog.html, titled "Ispirational People".

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