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This seems almost trivial - at work we just got a new LG microwave that had plastered all over it the phrase "Autosensing". I put in my lunch (partially frozen pasta), and pressed the button to make the microwave auto-sense the amount of time and heat my meal would need. I remember thinking to myself that this will never work.

The microwave's screen read "SENSING". I waited for some sort of time display to come up - 1 minute? 2 minutes? - so I could laugh and point and say "You're sooo wroooong!", but when I heard the fan kick in I knew the microwave was avoiding showing it's hand. I left the tea room in disgust, smugly affirmed in my superiority over mindless metal and plastic, and willing to put up with an overcooked lunch to prove it.

The machine beeped sometime later. I roused from my coding-zombie state behind my computer screen to collect the auto-sensed, auto-cooked meal. Impatiently, even as I was walking towards it, it beeped again, as if saying "Come look at me! Autosensing!"

And...the pasta was perfect! Steaming hot - but not too hot - and ready to eat. Not 1 minute hot, not even a callous 1 minute 30 hot, but a carefully crafted 1:45 hot. A time I've spent years perfecting.

So, Microwave 1; me 0. But, the battle between man and machine continues...

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Simon said... Sunday, October 10, 2004 11:32:00 PM

LG? Isn't that made in Korea or something? What would they know? Did you know that in Korea they also have piano rooms (not auto-sensing) where you pay your cash go into a room and plonk away on the ivories while the bloke in the next room does the same. Korea is a wonderful mystical land!

But my question is how does the Microwave know how long to cook the pasta when you can't get any decent frozen food in Korea (unless you like frozen Kim Chi)? I smell a conspiracy or is that Sujin microwaving Kimchi?

Thomas said... Monday, October 11, 2004 2:00:00 PM

Wow! Piano rooms? Weird...

And no, I did some checking and it's not a conspiracy you can smell. The LG microwave has autosensing buttons to reaheat 6 kinds of meals, and the menu is labelled "Aussie Meals" (seriously), with things like pasta, dinner plate, etc. So they wouldn't do that sort of thing in Korea, it's probably an Australian invention!

I reckon, since they've gone for the "Aussie Meals" localised approach, they should have 3 buttons labelled "Cold Pizza", all with a variety of toppings, a meat pie button, a chicken pie button, and possibly a generic "whatever I had last night" button (maybe a secondary "whatever I had two or three nights ago" reheat which could also be a steriliser).

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