French Headscarf Ban

Warning: I don't watch TV news or read the paper, and so rely on the internet for my news fix. This news may be old news to some.

Fox News is reporting that Muslim girls in France are being expelled from school for wearing their head-scarfs. A new law was passed in May this year, effective from the new school year in September, that says that no conspicuous religious symbols are to be worn in public schools. Some Sikh boys have also been caught up because of their turbans. Large Christian crosses could also get you expelled.

What is this really about? It's kind of hard to work out...

Prodigal Son

I was following links today, and came across this re-telling of Jesus' story about the Prodigal Son. Worth a look.

We're on our way to "CD" Bay.....

Anyone heard the Wiggles song "We're on our way to Wiggle Bay"?

Well, last night, it got changed to "CD Bay" because Thomas and I had another bet, and I won again! We aren't betting people, but every now and then we have a wager on something that both of us are absolutely sure on. Incidently, the last two large wagers have come off in my favour.

Needless to say that I have actually lost more than I have won. This is a disclaimer and therefore is very tiny.

The bet last night was if, in the opening song of the Wiggle Bay video, the oars are all going one way, instead of alternating ways, to allow for the camera to film them whilst in the "up close" position. Thomas was going for all one way, and I knew that they weren't, so the wager was set. I thought it unusual that Thomas would take me on when it was about a wiggles video, and I am home all the time watching the darn thing (with TJ, of course), but away we went and watch the opening song and I won. Oh yeah, I won. Just thought I should mention that I won!! **refer tiny print above!

Anyway, I am not usually such a bad winner, but it was exciting, and Thomas was so sure, and I am now the proud owner of a promised cd or dvd - I think I would the Italian Job!!!

Dickson Ogwang and the Friends of Uganda

On Sunday, and amazing man came to visit our church for the second time. He came 2 years ago in November, and I still recall his message from then. He was talking about the power of God, and he really knew what he was talking about. That left a mark on me that still today has effects. I sometimes wonder if in the western world we really understand about divine power.

His name is Dickson Ogwang, and he is from Uganda. He has seen awful things. No, atrocious things, and yet he is still faithful and desperate to talk about Jesus and how awesome and powerful He is. Dickson is an inspiring speaker and he speaks with the authority of God behind him. He shared on Sunday about not being afraid to go forth for Jesus, not cowering behind something that is not the Victor. It was so timely for me to hear these things, and I often struggle with being bold for Christ. I am so afraid often of what others will think of me, and am concerned if they will not like me anymore. Little by little God is dealing with me, but it took a big bit away when I was listening to Dickson speak.

Amazing isn't it, when we hear of people who are oppressed in the worst sense, and how they triumph with God. What an encouragement to each of us, and how ashamed I should feel about my little trite concerns in comfortable Australia.

I pray that God blesses Dickson and the work that he is involved in with Friends of Uganda - an outreach to help the people helping orphans in Uganda.

Rodney Olsen also has a post about Irene Gleeson, an Australian living in Uganda and helping the orphans in the North of Uganda. Worth a read and a pray. Check it out here:, titled "Ispirational People".

Love Tank = Full

I need to tell all who will listen - I am married to the best man in all the world (apologies to all men reading this, but you have no chance up against my husband - he is so great!!)

On Tuesday I came down with the flu - temperatures, snot, coughing, aches and pains, and groans. It was not fun - especially for me!! I can only liken the pain to when I was giving birth to Maya (I had drugs with TJ, so it was bad but not that bad), except that instead of coming in waves, and having a small break in between, this had no breaks and was constant for about 12 hours.

Skip ahead for a second, to this great book called "The Five Love Languages". This book, by Gary Chapman, found at this website -, revitalised our marriage, by explaining that each of us receives love in a different way, either by affirming words, gifts, spending quality time, doing things for others (acts of service) or physical touch. We all enjoy most of the above, but one of them in particular, hits our "spot" and makes us feel really loved. It helped explain why Thomas was so eager to spend time with me (he is quality time) and I so wanted him to help with doing "things" (I am acts of service).
If you haven't read it or heard about it, I recommend it with all my heart. It made so much sense and was easy to understand, and helped me to prioritise time for Thomas, because that was important to him, and helped him help me because that was important to me, so that each of us was "telling" the other that we really did love them, in our own way.

Okay, now skip back to Tuesday and Fluday. Thomas took the day off work, looked after me and the kids, got me panadol and water, and even made me lunch - which I incidentally couldn't eat. He did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and showered the kids.

All in all, my love tank is so full and I am so grateful to you, Thomas, for being such a great husband, and looking after me when I couldn't look after myself. Love you.

Man Foils Robbery, Gets Sack

FOXNews is reporting Restaurant Worker Foils Robbery, Gets Fired.

The short of it is that two men broke into a restauraunt, made all the employees lay down on the ground, and took the supervisor out the back. The supervisor grabbed a hammer and hit one of the men, and they ran, and the money that the robbers had already collected was recovered.

The supervisor was fired a few days later because he "had endangered the employees' lives by violating rules that require cooperation with robbers".

One side of me is in disbelief, asking questions like - isn't the man a hero? Didn't he actually take the employee's lives out of danger?

The other part appreciates that the company doesn't want to become a target for macho thiefs. My inner manager reminds me that if someone breaks policy, there has to be some action (for instance, I've heard that you can't get fired because you steal something from your work, unless stealing is a breach of company policy).

What would you do in the circumstances? Is it instinctive to want to protect yourself like the supervisor did? Would his co-workers be thankful or resentful?

TJ's Basketball Aspirations

TJ is getting a lot more independent and recently has been trying to dress himself (previously he undressed himself for showers, all but the t-shirt and singlet which was too hard to take off). He'll often help selecting his own outfit for the day, he always puts his dirty clothes in the wash basket, and he even goes off to his bedroom sometimes to "get dressed by myself".

Of course his favorite clothes are Mummy and Daddy's clothes. The other day he pulled on some of my socks, and I couldn't resist putting my basketball boots on him and taking a photo:
TJ looking tough and cool as a basketballer
I reckon TJ looks pretty tough (I'm not sure if it's a smile he's putting on) and I know one day he'll have shoes bigger than those in the picture!

Maya's Progress

Maya is now 9 months old and growing up very quickly. She's just getting her first teeth (down the bottom) and Olivia and I know about it! Her favorite pastimes are sitting at the window, banging on it and making "bah bah bah" noises; pulling herself to standing in her cot and on other furniture; smearing Marie biscuits or Vegemite sandwiches all over herself and her highchair, ingesting some occasionally; crawling after her big brother, who delights in playing with her; and, of course, exploring the rapidly expanding world (to her reach, anyway) of our house and surrounds. Maya's just not quite up to crawling on grass yet - she hasn't got used to the texture - but if she was, we'd be chasing her everywhere.
Maya Crawling, Smiling
I took this photo while looking after her one afternoon. She is pictured here having a ball playing with a set of drawers in our bedroom. For some reason, the flash isn't as bright as normal so the lighting looks quite even - pretty good for our $15 plastic snapshot camera!

Autosensing Microwave

This seems almost trivial - at work we just got a new LG microwave that had plastered all over it the phrase "Autosensing". I put in my lunch (partially frozen pasta), and pressed the button to make the microwave auto-sense the amount of time and heat my meal would need. I remember thinking to myself that this will never work.

The microwave's screen read "SENSING". I waited for some sort of time display to come up - 1 minute? 2 minutes? - so I could laugh and point and say "You're sooo wroooong!", but when I heard the fan kick in I knew the microwave was avoiding showing it's hand. I left the tea room in disgust, smugly affirmed in my superiority over mindless metal and plastic, and willing to put up with an overcooked lunch to prove it.

The machine beeped sometime later. I roused from my coding-zombie state behind my computer screen to collect the auto-sensed, auto-cooked meal. Impatiently, even as I was walking towards it, it beeped again, as if saying "Come look at me! Autosensing!"

And...the pasta was perfect! Steaming hot - but not too hot - and ready to eat. Not 1 minute hot, not even a callous 1 minute 30 hot, but a carefully crafted 1:45 hot. A time I've spent years perfecting.

So, Microwave 1; me 0. But, the battle between man and machine continues...


I have just gotten back into an old habit - doing scrapbooking for my photo's. I love being creative with photos, and in the past (like 3 years ago), I got right into it.

When our church closed down, I lost touch with the ladies who used to keep me supplied with all the necessary tools to keep the habit up.

And now, I am excited to learn, people in our new church are getting into "creative memories", a brand for all types of scrapbooking, and to top it off, Thomas' cousin Cara is now a consultant!! Woo Hoo! I had a class on MOnday (not a party!), and had a blast. Once again I have a hobby at home that doesn't concern the children (execpt for photo's of them!)

Check them out at

Been Busy (of course)

Lately we've been real busy. Just catching up on my blog reading, scanning over my e-mails (I don't get that much in the way of e-traffic) and making a few chess moves takes all the time I allocate to web-surfing at home.

I hope to write a few more posts, especially now that I've been personally blogging for 1 year!


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