TJ Is Three!

Our big boy turned 3 yesterday...Happy Birthday TJ!

He of course got presents, and lots and lots of hugs and kisses from his mum and dad. Relatives phoned up (he even answered the phone!) and he got sung "Happy Birthday" about ten times (he started off saying "thank you, thanks" sincerely each time Olivia started up with the song, but eventually pleaded with her to "stop singing mummy").

As a celebration we went to the Melbourne Zoo. TJ had a great time (we all did) - it seems spring is a good time to go to the zoo because some of the animals are "active". Some of the highlights:

  • We saw a huge male gorilla - the head of the clan, silver backed, 20 years old, massive, weighing around 190kgs - stare down a female half his size, then he punched the window where we were standing and hit this female gorilla, then she chased him around and the other females came to help, there was yelling and running and sulking (if I sound breathless describing it, it's because it was really exciting).
  • There were two huge brown bears pawing barrels (presumably) full of food, as if the barrels were weightless. TJ was fascinated by them, I reckon because we'd recently watched a documentary about North American brown bears fishing for salmon.
  • Two seals were swimming around playfully, obviously enjoying the (almost) cold spring day, and we were told that one of them is the zoo's success story as she was found almost decapitated from a fishing line and now, years later, is finally starting to put on weight and grow. TJ loved watching them from underwater.
  • The male tiger Ramalon was pacing back and forth just inches from us (behind a big window, of course). His head is so big, he looks so strong, and he even stared at TJ, Olivia, Maya and I. Cool!
  • The new elephant section is impressive but not yet finished...the two elephants didn't really come out, maybe they were scared by the noise of the diggers?

Anyway, Happy Birthday TJ!

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Liv said... Friday, September 10, 2004 1:26:00 PM

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you...."
Yeah, I am not even meant to sing in the shower...

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