The Cat

We've got one of my Mum's cats "on holidays", with the option of letting her stay or not depending on whether she likes the place, whether or not Mum really wants to let her go, and most importantly that she doesn't attack Maya or TJ! So far, one week on, Cassie's been really great and has "come out of her shell" enough so that Olivia and I have enjoyed her company (Maya gazes at Cassie everywhere she goes, TJ follows Cassie around protesting loudly that he's "not chasing her!")

Cassie's a beautiful ragdoll cat, which means she's got medium-length hair and is an indoors-only cat. I don't have a photo of her but you can find information and images at sites like The Ragdoll Cat Homepage, Ragdoll Cats and The Ragdoll Connection Network.

Personally I don't mind cats, or dogs, but we'd been holding off getting a pet until the kids were more grown up (also we're renting). Olivia's more of an animal person - she grew up on a farm! So we'll have to see how The Cat goes...

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Simon said... Sunday, September 19, 2004 11:41:00 PM

WHAT?! You kidnapped my cat? I'm telling mum when I get home!

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