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My wife got so excited about blogging that she has "submitted" another entry to her "editor" (me):

Do you have a particular song that just "takes you back"?

I know from psychology that music is a very powerful emotion-stimulant - it can be positive or negative. Is there a song that you have with a loved one that reminds you of the other? One for Thomas and I is "Friday I'm in Love" by the Cure. Another song that really affects me is “When I call on Jesus” by Nicole C. Mullins. It was getting a lot of air play when September 11th happened, and is like a "music rainbow" for me. It reminds me that there is hope amidst horror, and that God is the Victor with a reward far beyond any of my wildest imaginations.

September 11 was emotional and traumatic for most everyone in the world, especially for those directly involved with loved ones. I had a slightly different slant than most, because TJ was born on the 7th of September 2001, and he was just 4 days old when it all happened. All of a sudden I was wondering what kind of life our little baby would grow up to have, if even the world would be around for him to grow up in. Knowing Jesus was a huge comfort to me at that time, and the song really voiced the hope I found in Him.

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