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I spent some time today updating this blog. Unfortunately in changing comment systems I have lost the old comments...this is really sad for me as I have appreciated all the feedback I've got to date (in one whole year of blogging), but my hope is that moving forward the site will be better and more durable, so that your comments will be around in the years to come.

The old search has gone, and I'm still deciding what to do about my blogroll - I've removed it for now. Olivia came up with a great new name for the blog after me wanting to change it for months. I took a great Blogger generic template and modified it slightly to get this new look.

There'll still be tweaking to come, but the song (or type of stuff you're likely to read on the site) remains the same. Enjoy!

5 Responses to "New Look Blog"

Rodney Olsen said... Monday, August 30, 2004 10:24:00 PM

Great new look. I look forward to the extra tweaking along the way.

I suppose I'll have to change the lnk on my blogroll to reflect the change in name. :)

Tejas Patel said... Tuesday, August 31, 2004 2:09:00 PM

Looks better. Only One suggestion if you ask me, you should think about changing the color of "previous posts" color. Orange strikes in the eyes with the given background color and is a bit uncomfortable reading it.

Thomas said... Wednesday, September 01, 2004 9:50:00 PM

Rodney, Tejas, thanks for the feedback, I will change the orange soon...

Simon said... Friday, September 03, 2004 3:08:00 AM

Ice. O.

Yeah, umm, ditto that orange comment, it sounded intelligent. But to show I won't be outdone...

1. Needs more links to Simon Stuff and then I might actually update my blogspot too!

2. Which one is the geek and which one is the normal person?

3. The new comment thing is good, but a few more clicks required to get you into it. I think I'll stick with Halo for my customers- it's all about the customers dood!

4. I saw on a Korean movie that when you open something new like a shop or update your blogspot it's good to give away gifts so that people will visit your shop or blogspot- cash can be very enticing.

5. Requests for upcoming blog topics- layman's computer stuff- windows xp sp2, ad-ware stuff. Basketball stuff- maybe some hints and tips, opinions on something, best game played/ watched, team-mates, what makes a good baller. Music- what is good/ what you like and why? Christian music- is there such a thing? Does that mean there is evil music? Those bombers! Marriage- hints and tips for beginners, funny moments. Parenting- hints and tips, stories. Fashion- hints and tips, new seasons colours, matching shoes and hats. Boys talk- cars and stuff, computers, motorbikes, computer games, sports. Movies- maybe a running review of all the movies you see to help your customers choose. More stuff about your bros.

All the best for the new blospot!

Thomas said... Wednesday, September 08, 2004 8:35:00 PM

Thanks Simey, I'll take all those comments on board, especially about what to write about. But for now, more links to

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