Movie Review: I, Robot

I was a big fan of science fiction when I was a kid but have not read sci-fi for a couple of years now. However, I still get sucked in to a good movie.

"I, Robot" was a good movie. Judging from the trailer it looked a bit computer-generated (in a bad way) and like a big action movie (there's a clip of Will Smith with a machine-gun, mowing down bad robots), and Olivia was put off by the thought of a dumb kind of movie with no plot. I was hopeful that some kind of Isaac Asimov stuff would make it in there, such as interesting situations that are only possible in the realm of science fiction, or thoughtful looks at the implications of having robots as part of day-to-day life or whether created machines can have a "soul".

As it turned out it the movie was very computer-generated but looked OK, had some great action sequences and as an added bonus had a reasonable plot. Will Smith plays a detective who doesn't like robots, tracking down a suspected murderer that's a robot. Add to that the fact that all robots by design must follow the "3 Laws", the first of which is that a robot cannot harm a human. There's twists and turns, and there's even interesting questions raised like can a robot feel and can a robot dream or have free will (so I was happy). Olivia was happy because we had a "date" together, and she thought Will Smith looked kind of "buff".

I reckon going to see something on the big screen makes it stand out, as opposed to seeing it on video, and as a result Olivia and I both rated "I, Robot" 9 out of 12.

And, thanks Mum & Dad for looking after the kids!


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